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Camalig Bankers joined the 2018 Management Conference of the newly organized Bicol Federation of Rural Banks held at Dakak Park and Beach Resort on October 4 to 7, 2018 with the objective of studying and devising ways and means of making rural banks more responsive to the needs of the people in our region.[More]


Camalig Bank, Inc. (A Rural Bank) is now a member of the Bankers Institute of the Philippines following its 2nd General Membership Meeting on 23 August 2018 held at Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City.[More]


Camalig Bank would like to congratulate one of its Independent Board of Director, Fr. Jose Victor E. Lobrigo, for being re-elected as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Microfinance Council of the Philippines, Inc. (MCPI) for the year 2018-2019.[More]