The blue triangle represents the Mayon Volcano. The Mayon Volcano has always been part of Albay province’s landscape. Albay is where Camalig Bank established itself and will always root itself. Mayon is described as majestic, alluring, strong, and omnipresent. Mayon will always be in the backdrop of our Camalig. Mayon complements Camalig in showing a trusting and dependable relationship. Blue is identified with infinite possibilities.

The green triangle represents the "kamalig". A "kamalig" in earlier times was a storehouse for farm produce. It signified ample food supply, most especially in times of hunger and crisis. Green is identified with food or basic needs, and of course, with money.

Both the triangle figures signify stability and protection

The Rainbow is abbreviated into two colors: yellow, representing gold or wealth; and orange, representing a bright future.

The direction of the rainbow is upward signifying a progressive future. This is the general direction the Camalig Bank intends to pursue.