(Point of Sale)

    Whether you are making payments directly from your ATM card, or withdrawing funds from your account, our branches can do this for you.


    Electronic device used by merchants to obtain authorization for card transactions

    Terminal allows for electronic transfer of funds for payments made by our clients using their ATMs, Debit Cards, and other PIN-based prepaid cards

    Expressnet, MegaLink, and BancNet ATM-issued cards are accepted


    1 Valid ID

    ATM/Debit Card

    Filled out POS Service Form



    Step 1: Provide your ATM/Debit card

    Step 2: Enter amount and PIN on the terminal

    Step 3: Receive money and ask for your Transaction Receipt


    Step 1: Provide ATM/Debit card

    Step 2: Give amount to be paid for the Teller to key-in, and enter your PIN on the terminal

    Step 3: Ask for your Transaction Receipt/Official Receipt