Camalig Bank, Inc. – Website Privacy Notice Published: 06 August 2019


Camalig Bank, Inc. (or hereinafter referred to as “The Bank”) is committed to the proper handling and safeguarding of your personal data. We value you as a data subject and assure you that the Bank protects and respects your privacy, personal data and your rights as a data subject.

This Data Privacy Notice tells you how the Bank collects your personal data through this website and how we will process it in the course of your business with us in compliance with the requirements of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.


Personal data that we collect are limited to what will allow us to properly respond to your queries about the Bank’s product and service offerings. In order for us to do this we collect only the following personal data from you:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone
  4. E-mail Address

For job applicants, we collect personal data from you to allow us to properly match your profile with our various openings and their respective requirements. The personal data we collect are grouped accordingly to information that will allow us to communicate back with you and validate the following:

  1. Your basic personal and family background
  2. Your educational background
  3. Your employment background (if any)
  4. Information required to be asked and collected by virtue of a BSP requirement

Records of your inquiries with us are kept only for a period of five (5) years afterwards the said records are destroyed and disposed of. We will only keep records of your inquiries beyond our stated retention period if we are bound to do so under circumstances covering legal obligations or compliance with regulatory agencies, laws, or as required by police authorities.

For applicants we will only keep your personal data as long as your application is considered active and will destroy and dispose of your personal data once deemed necessary either through filling in of vacancy applied for or withdrawal or lack of feedback from you about your application.


The Bank will never share or disclose your personal data to any third-party without your explicit consent, or when we are bound to do so under circumstances covering legal obligations or compliance with regulatory agencies, laws, or as required by police authorities.


As a data subject you are entitled to the following rights:

  1. Right to be informed on the nature, process and extent of processing we perform on your personal data.
  2. Right to request for a copy of the personal data we collect from you, have it corrected in case there are errors to it and to be given a copy of it either electronically or in any other recommended format that allows for you to have continued use of your personal data.
  3. Right to object to the processing of your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your consent and request for stoppage to further processing of your personal data and ultimately to have your personal data deleted from our processing systems. Please note that exercise of these rights will be entertained by the Bank but may enable us not to process further any transaction you may have with the Bank.
  4. Should you have objections or complaints to the way we process your personal data, or have substantial proof allowed under the Data Privacy Act of 2012 that your personal data was mishandled by the Bank, you have the right to file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission and be indemnified for any damages due to you.

Please note that this privacy policy does not govern the collection and use of information by companies that we do not control, nor by individuals not employed or managed by us. If you visit a Web site that we mention or link to, be sure to review its privacy policy before providing the site with information.


We may store your data on servers provided by third hosting vendors with whom we have contracted.


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy as we deem necessary or appropriate because of legal compliance requirements or changes in our business practices. If you have provided us with an email address, we will endeavor to notify you, by email to that address, of any material change to how we will use your personal data.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights or have further inquiries regarding how the Bank manages and handles your personal data, you may reach out to our Data Protection Officer at

To learn more about our Data Privacy Policy, click here.